Zhengzhou Liudu Mechanical Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

ZHENGZHOU LIUDU MECHANICAL ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of hot air welding machine and eyelet machine. We focus on the production and sales of PVC hot air welding machine for 10 years. Our products have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions, and have repeatedly won domestic sales champion. Our company′s R & D center has obtained 16 national patents, digital constant temperature system, built-in suspension system, automatic protection system, high power and high efficiency, etc., which are all in the leading position in the industry.

Main product we have: Hot air welding machine, PVC TPO Tarpaulin Welding machine, Eyelet machine, eyelet and cutting machine, Eyelet, Hot air tool, Handy welder

Why choose LIUDU Banner welding machine?

1. LIUDU, Focus on banner welding machine for 10 years

2. Export to more than 60 countries, annual sales is the first in China

3. Obtain CE & RoHS certificate, own 16 national invention patent, customized service

4. Professional after-sales service team, 24-hours response

5. Constant temperature control, digital display, Automatic balancing system
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