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Shantou Sinhosun International Trade Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive industrial company integrating scientific research, development, design, production, marketing and service. Founded on September 10, 2021, Sinhosun is a professional post-press equipment trader. We focus on the field of post-press equipment for 24 years, started in Shantou, Guangdong province, is a well-known professional agent of printing machinery and printing machine parts company. With rich industry experience and broad channels, coupled with good service, we provide industry-leading quality automation equipment for printing enterprises to improve the degree of automation, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing manual work and increasing efficiency. Nowadays, we are bringing the effective model that has been in operation for more than 20 years to serve you in the post-covid time, when cross-border exchanges have become inconvenient and difficult. In the future, we will continue to deeply develop in the post-press equipment field and move forward!


Sinhosun is formerly known as Shantou Lianfa printing Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., which is founded in 1998 and has developed to a famous professional agent company selling printing machinery and parts in eastern Guangdong.

Since the market opportunity of printing and packaging paper waste stripping equipment was found, we established Shantou Shunxinlong Printing Machinery Co., Ltd in September 2014, which has been dedicated to research, develop and produce post-press printing and packaging stripping blanking equipments.

Now we have our self-developed product, including stripping blanking machine that suitble for social packaging, fully automatic stripping blanking machine, packaging machine and angle breaking machine for cigarette box, all of which can be connected with other production processes, which can achieve unmanned, intelligent and automated production, to meet customers′ requirement.

Based on our excellent material selection, mature and stable machine performance, advanced technology and the advantages of simple operation, high safety and low failure rate, SXL stripping blanking machines are widely used in the United States, Germany, Argentina, Russia, Japan, Korea, India, the Middle East, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries. At present, our stripping blanking machines occupy 95% of the market share in Japan and is well recognized by foreign customers. The global sales volume of the machines exceeds 800 sets.

Meanwhile, Sinhosun has a design company (Shantou Bohan Tiangong Machinery Design Co., Ltd. ) established on March 10, 2015, and a manufacturing company (Shantou Kezhi Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., which mainly provides customized connection scheme design for customers) established on July 31, 2020. The subsidiaries provide a full range of services while also helping customers when needed.

As a large segment of the printing industry, the global industrial and value chains of post-press equipment production are constantly changing. As a professional post-press equipment trader, we will provide high-quality innovative products to the industry, provide global customers with mechanical equipment with more cost advantage and higher quality, as well as a full range of services and solutions. Develop deeply, to make our enterprise become the pioneer in the industry.
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