Sichuan Soper Science and Technology Company Limited

Sichuan Soper Science and Technology Company Limited was founded in 2006, located in west zone of National Hi-tech development Zone, Chengdu, China. We indepently research and develope products on Machine Vision, Automated Integration Customization, and Digital Factory.

We have CE certificate for products and ISO9001 certificate, and SGS cerficate.

We are serving food and baverage industry, and the packing industry, we could supply standard equipments, customized equipment, and solutions for whole factory.

We are the first manufacturer of high-speed paper cup inspecting machine, high speed paper die dcutting machine, and high speed paper punching in China. Our main products include: Paper container inspecting machine, high speed intelligent paper punching machine, food ontianer packing machine, and the smart factory design.

Our paper cup inspecting machine could check and eliminate NG products automatically, and generate customized daily production report, the speed could be 300 cups/minute

The speed of automatic paper die cutting/punching machine is 330 times/minute.

Our core customers include: Master Kong, Jinmailang, Huhtamaki, Nissin Food, and McDonald′s, Yili, Wahaha.

Soper is focus on innovation, sincerity, persistance. The near future.